Boer Bok Stud does not use or recommend the use of routine antibiotics or other growth promotants of any kind.


It is vitally important to be aware that many "Boer Goats" presently being sent overseas by some exporters are NOT Boer Goats but are crossbred goats; these crossbred animals are NOT Boer Goats and can NEVER produce Boer Goats regardless of their colour or by any number of subsequent crosses.
Generally these crossbred goats are exported on a "slaughter" protocol which allows them to be exported without the associated blood tests that are required for "breeding" stock.
This is legal under Australia's laws as the import certificate states slaughter protocol, but when the goats arrive in the importing country they are then bypassed to a breeder and not to a slaughter house.
This arrangement may seem like an economical process for the purchaser but it does not provide a breeder with a guaranteed disease status, or  genuine "Boer Goat" breeding stock. Therefore a substandard outcome from those goats purchased will eventuate!
Also important is that when comparing prices with those offered for sale, including those on web sites, take note of the quality of the animals. A goat selling for $200 will never equal one genuinely costing $500 or more!
Unfortunately many breeders present goats registered as "stud" that should never be considered for breeding; these animals should be destined only for slaughter.
BOER BOK STUD produces only FULLBLOOD goats, and will NOT register as "stud", any animal that is not of a standard suitable for that purpose, therefore ensuring a buyer will receive only QUALITY stock.
                                    Boer Bok Stud does NOT produce crossbred goats.

Boer Bok Stud is located 21 kilometres south of Busselton on Nuttman Road see 'find us'. Boer Bok Stud welcomes enquiries and can offer assistance at any time. Inspections are by appointment, but the property is not open to visitors between 1st September and 30th November each year.

The Boer Goat register in Australia contains all the registered animals in the Australian Herd. Within the registration system there is a separate register for 'standard' coloured animals and for 'red' animals. These registers are the animals contained in the herd book and are listed separately to facilitate the divergence of the two colour variations of the breed. The 'red' Boer Goat is a full blood Boer Goat which has been bred from full blood 'standard' colour Boer Goats. It must be remembered at this point the Boer Goat is not a completely stablized breed. Therefore the possibility is that animals from the 'standard' register will at times produce red or part red offspring. This in no way indicates that the sire and dam are not in fact full blood animals. The possibility of this occurring must be considered when selecting breeding stock as not all coloured animals are registered or shown in pedigrees of all standard Boer Goats. Similarly the offspring from a 'red' mating may result in 'standard' coloured kids.

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Boer Bok is continually introducing new and up to date bloodlines into the herd. Recent introductions have been "Terraweena Lazereth", a champion buck by the much sought after "Karbo Lawrence". "Terraweena Lazereth" as a mature buck averages 140Kg throughout the year and his son "Boer Bok Puffer" retained (also averages 140Kg), produces both excellent type and fast growing kids. In 2008, a group of does were inseminated to "Terraweena Burger" an ET buck from South Africa (National grand Champion 2007 and brother to "Terraweena Kobus" exported to the United States), bringing a completely new line into the stud. "Terraweena Morris" (1st in his class Nationals 2007) was also used, with outstanding kids produced by both sires. All the the does produced by both "Burger" and "Morris" from these matings have been retained by Boer Bok for breeding, along with a selection of the young bucks from both sires. An example of these bucks can be seen in the pictures above (see "Morris buck at 5 months").

Standard Boer Goat Register
Red Boer Goat Register
All sold. Next available January 2014

Sorry no reds at this time

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